Uptech Studio helps Prism Labs develop bodymapping SDK for mobile developers such as Tempo


Prism Labs, a startup that provides the most accurate 3D bodymaps from a mobile phone camera, collaborated with Uptech Studio to develop a mobile Software Development Kit (SDK). The Prism Labs SDK enables developers to integrate sophisticated 3D bodyscanning capabilities and health metrics, such as body fat percentage and lean muscle mass, into their mobile applications. 

Uptech Studio’s role in developing the SDK focused on two key components:

  1. Capturing bodymaps from the phone. The SDK needed to guide users through the bodymapping process and then transmit the data to Prism Lab’s computer vision pipeline for generating the results.
  2. Fetching the results from the server. The SDK needed to provide a way for developers to retrieve results once processing was complete so they could display them to their users.


The project faced two primary challenges:

  • User Experience. The success of the SDK would ultimately rest on guiding users through the bodymapping process, which requires them to follow specific instructions from several feet away from the phone (at points while they are unable to see the phone for visual cues), was a significant challenge. 
  • Technology Integration. In order for developers to adopt the SDK, it needed to not only integrate easily into existing platforms, but also be easy to maintain and update.


Uptech Studio's innovative approach included:

  • Experimentation and User Research. To create an easy-to-use experience for end users meant rapid prototyping, iteration, and testing with end users in order to hone the overall experience. 
  • Developer-Friendly SDK Development. A mobile SDK was developed for seamless integration with existing fitness and health apps.
  • Advanced Camera Feature Utilization. Uptech Studio leveraged advanced smartphone camera features for accurate skeletal tracking, enhancing the bodymapping technology’s accuracy and user experience.
  • APIs for Efficient Data Retrieval. Simple, well-documented APIs were created to enable developers to efficiently access processed bodymapping results, ensuring real-time data availability.
Tempo Scanning Experience

Implementation: Tempo

Tempo, a leader in the fitness technology space, recognized the potential of this technology and integrated it into their platform. This decision was driven by two key objectives: enhancing progress tracking for their customers and creating more engagement with their product.

  • Advanced Progress Tracking. Traditional methods of tracking fitness progress, such as scales and visual assessments, often do not provide a complete picture of an individual’s health and fitness journey. Tempo sought a more sophisticated and accurate way for their customers to track their progress. 
  • Increased User Engagement. Engagement is a critical factor in the success of any fitness technology. Tempo aimed to increase user interaction and commitment to their fitness goals by offering a more immersive and interactive experience. By integrating bodymapping technology, Tempo was able to offer a novel feature that not only piqued the interest of its users but also encouraged regular use of the app. 


The integration of Prism Lab’s SDK with Tempo's platform led to the following achievements:

  • High Scan Completion Rate. Uptech Studio’s strong focus on user experience and design, led to high success rates with the new scanning features and improvements in overall user satisfaction.
  • Improved User Experience. Delivering advanced body insights to Tempo users directly on their mobile devices enhances their overall fitness journey.
  • Accurate Health Metrics. Enabling users to track body fat percentage, lean mass percentage, and various body measurements provides users a comprehensive fitness assessment.
  • Greater Precision in Tracking Fitness Goals. More nuanced metrics than traditional scales helps Tempo users evaluate their workout effectiveness more accurately.


Uptech Studio's role in integrating mobile bodymapping technology into the Tempo fitness platform represents a significant leap in fitness technology. This collaboration has not only augmented the Tempo app’s capabilities but also established a new benchmark for health and fitness monitoring in the digital era. Uptech Studio has demonstrated its ability to develop innovative solutions that meet the dynamic needs of the fitness industry.

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