Uptech Studio helps startup Prism Labs demonstrate capabilities of their new 3D scanning technology


Prism Labs is a software development company that provides 3D scanning capabilities to hardware companies focused on fitness and health. The next generation of their platform is designed to work in the home without any additional equipment.


Prism Labs needed an application to demonstrate the capabilities of their platform. Their computer vision team was focused on building a successful reconstruction pipeline, not doing application development.


Prism Labs partnered with Uptech Studio to create two applications - a mobile controller app for taking scans and a web application for viewing the results.

The mobile controller app was initially written in Flutter and was primarily used on an iPad to guide users through the scanning experience. The app talked directly to the device to initiate the scanning process and then uploaded the resulting data to the reconstruction pipeline.

Once the scan was complete, it was then passed to the web application where users could look at the result and interact with the resulting avatar. We added Amplitude to the page, so the Prism Labs team could track how people interacted with the scans and if they shared them with other people.


Partnering with Uptech Studio allowed the Prism team to stay focused on building a great scanning solution and not having to worry about application development.

It also allowed the senior team at Prism to jumpstart their business development efforts by creating an end-to-end solution that they could show to potential partners.

If you have questions about your company might partner with Uptech Studio, please feel free to send me a note at: matt@uptechstudio.com.

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