Uptech Studio helps Invoy focus on building hardware by designing and building features for their mobile apps

Founding Teams: Here’s Why You Need to Focus on Your Differentiation While Outsourcing App Development

What emerging startup have you seen in recent years that hasn’t at least considered using an app as part of their business model (or the whole model itself)? The reason is simple – there’s almost no business today that can succeed without a digital component as a critical driver of its overall strategy.

And as you’ll quickly learn, building a mobile application that is functional, scalable, modern, and powerful requires a group of experts with the necessary experience, skills, and success to help you carry out your vision. It’s rarely ever a good idea for a startup to hire an in-house team of developers for a software solution, especially when the main product isn’t the app or software itself.

Instead, if you’re an entrepreneur or emerging startup with a non-technical founding team, when you need a mobile app, you’re going to have to outsource that work. Here’s why, using our work with Invoy as the perfect example of letting founders focus on their differentiation while we handle software development.

Case Study: Uptech Studio & Invoy

If you’re looking for a good example of how a company partnered with us for app development, consider how Uptech Studio worked with Invoy, a local Orange County company  focused on helping people improve their health and wellness by measuring the chemistry of their breath.

Invoy manufactures breath monitors that collect real-time data on your current metabolism. This data allows them to create personalized nutrition and wellness solutions that guide their customers towards living a healthier life. Sound incredible? It is.

At the time we began to collaborate, Invoy was doing major commercial developments and needed a partner to accelerate their growth and development.  By partnering with us for their app design and development, they were able to accelerate growth even further as they deployed with a major Fortune 50 enterprise client.  

An example of a feature that we were able to build after significant collaboration with various Invoy partners, including the leadership and bioengineering teams was a Food tab inside the app that allows customers to look up recipes specific to their food program. The way that Invoy works is:

  1. Each morning you breathe into your device and it measures acetone in your breath.
  2. The app provides immediate feedback about your daily results
  3. A Bioengineer & Health Analyst also sees your data so they help people connect the dots between their behavior and results, and provide coaching based on their goals and preferences.

Uptech Studio built a Food tab within the app so that clients find recipes at their convenience to allow Invoy to scale further. The bioengineers and health analysts as well as the Invoy software team worked together with Uptech Studio to create and implement the food tab as you see here.

This has allowed the analyst team to focus on what they are really good at – helping clients with strategies to improve their wellness – rather than spend time browsing recipe sites and trying to figure out the individual food preferences of every client.

So, Founders... Focus on Your Strengths

Invoy is a super talented team of biomedical engineers who know their stuff. Their products and solutions help disrupt an industry that impacts hundreds of millions of lives, and that wouldn’t be possible without their brilliant minds behind everything they do.

Part of their impact, however, is made possible because of the strength of a strong partnership to accelerate their software development. They now have a useful app that can help reach and impact even more people.

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